Disaster Preparedness: How to Prepare for Emergencies

We all know that disasters come in the most unpredictable times. It can be a wildfire, a hurricane, or some other type of disaster. As much as we long to keep our pets safe, we can be caught off guard because of a bigger issue. In this case, preparing for that dreadful moment can help. This gives you and your pet a better chance of surviving a disaster without anyone getting hurt. If you have not thought about it yet, here are some effective tips to prepare you to handle your pet in a disaster.

How to Prepare for Emergencies and Disasters

The worst time to be away from your pets is during a disaster. However, being with them can also be more frustrating, especially if you don’t have a plan. To help you start, you can follow valuable tips.

Know Your Area

Every area is prone to disaster, but you must know which kind. It is good to research and determine if your area is prone to a specific disaster. In some regions, it can be earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, or fires. Identifying these can help you make better emergency preparations.

Create a Pet Evacuation Plan

In the midst of disaster, it is crucial to have the presence of mind. While it is difficult to be on your feet or stay in your best composure, having a plan in place makes it easier. When making an evacuation plan for your family, make sure to formulate one for your pets too. 


Think of a place where to place them for recovery or the time you need for restoration. You can search for “emergency vet near me in Memphis” to make it easier. This can be your veterinarian’s office, pet-friendly hotels, boarding facilities, local animal shelters, or a friend’s house. 


Regardless of your place of choice, it is essential to make sure they have everything they need moving forward. This includes their medical records, registration, and vaccination cards. If you are clueless about making one, you can consult Mempehis Veterinary Specialists to give you a low-down on the basics.

Utilize a Buddy System

Disasters and emergencies are inevitable. Hence, you must know what to do regardless of your presence or absence. If you often go out for work or trips, it is vital that you talk with a neighbor or friend to check in with your pet when necessary. Having a deal or agreement about this can make you better prepared in case an emergency strikes. Apart from this, creating a pet emergency kit can help. This can include blankets, bottled water, pet food, water bowls, harness, collars, and more.

The Takeaway

Pet care is one thing, but emergency or disaster preparedness is equally important. As pets play a huge role in our lives, it is vital to know measures to keep them safe. Disasters and emergencies can happen anytime. Having an emergency or disaster plan for your pets can spare you of distressing moments and high costs for treatments in the long run. Make sure to keep all those tips mentioned above in mind.