BCCLA on Bill C-51

Alyssa Stryker and Carmen Cheung (BCCLA) has a wonderful post about the potential dangers of Bill C-51. Please take a look, and consider joining the effort to stop it.



Memorial University of Newfoundland to Explore the Feasibility of a New Law School

On February 25, 2013, the Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) established a committee to review the feasibility of a law school. Dr. Lynne Phillips, dean, Faculty of Arts, will chair the review committee. The committee is expected to release a report later this year.

Lawyer wins $100,000 from the Law Society of British Columbia

Peter Mokua Gichuru, a Vancouver lawyer, was awarded $100,000 dollars by the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for disability discrimination by the Law Society of B.C..

In 2002, Gichuru suffered from depression, and declared that he has a mental illness in his application to join the Law Society as an articling student. He subsequently had to undergo a series of psychiatric assessments, and it took ten months for him to get called to the bar.

Sex isn't safe, so make sure you bring your lawyer!

Note that consent alone may not prevent a person from being charged with statutory rape. For more information, please refer to the sexual assault section of the Criminal Code as well as the details on the age of consent.

Accused Drug Traffickers Acquitted Due to Unreasonable Search


Three people accused of running a $18 million dollar drug plant were acquitted of criminal charges before the Ontario Superior Court earlier this month, as the judge ruled their constitutional rights were violated by police misconduct.

BC Court of Appeals Upholds Malpractice Suit, but Shaves Off Damages Citing Gender Income Disparity

The British Columbia Court of Appeal upheld a malpractice suit against a Surrey doctor and nurse for negligence, but shaved $140,000 off the $1,586,000 in damages citing the income disparity between men and women.

Justice Kenneth MacKenzie found that the previous judge had not sufficiently taken into account the disparity in pay between men and women when he determined the damages for loss of future income.

Mesa Power Group to File NAFTA Complaint for Ontario's Green Energy Plan

A Texas-based renewable energy company, Mesa Power Group, plans to file a complaint charging that Ontario's green energy plan violates the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Ontario's feed-in tarriff (FIT) scheme pays above-market rates to producers of renewable energy under a 20-year, fixed-price contract. Mesa Power had not been able to win contracts for two wind energy projects in western Ontario in the last round of FIT awards.

Air Canada Sued for Lack of Bilingual Service

On wednesday, a federal judge ordered Air Canada to pay Michel Thibodeau, a French-language rights activist, $12,000 plus court fees, for failing to provide French service on a series of flights he took in 2009. As former Crown corporations, Air Canada must comply with the Official Languages Act and provide service in both official languages.

"It's a rights issue," Michel Thibodeau said. In one case, he requested a 7Up in French and was served a Sprite. "It is my right that is not being respected."

Supreme Court Rules on Schreyer vs. Schreyer, Urges Government to Amend Legislation

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against the appeal of Susan Schreyer today, and urged parliament to amend bankruptcy legistation to protect spousal divorce equalization settlements.

The Court unanimously decided that while items like child support cannot be dismissed during bankruptcy procedures, equalization payments can.

CRA to Force Quebec Municipalities to Reveal All Payments to Contractors and Consultants

The Canada Revenue Agency will be going to Federal Court on Monday requesting an order to force municipalities in Quebec to reveal all payments they made to contractors and consultants in the past four years.

The CRA will look at contracts awared by cities, towns, and villages including Quebec City, Laval, Longueuil, and Sherbrooke. Last year, the agency did a similar review in Montreal.


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