Manager in Town of Riverview Starts Online Petition to Fight Mobile Sign Ban

Justin Bird, a general manager of Olivier Soaps in the Town of Riverview, was forced to take down a mobile sign due to a new city by-law.

He was told by officials in April that according to the town's new zoning by-law, signs like his are prohibited. However, he was puzzled as to why similar signs are still erected throughout the city.

"For now it seems it's just me who has been told to take it down," says Bird, who has started an online petition to either remove or modify that particular section in the by-law to allow for signs such as his to stay in place.

Reached by telephone, mayor Clarence Sweetland pointed out that mobile signs are seen as "gaudy" by many residents and have become a "cause for concern" in the town as well as in neighbouring communities.

A likely reason for Bird's business to be singled out is that the location of his store, the Chocolate River Station, is on town property. According to the mayor, the town is currently working on clearer rules regarding portable signs in its municipal plan presently in development, and indicated that in the meantime, it would be "ludicrous" to allow for these kinds of signs to remain on town property.

But Bird argues that mobile signs - a white sign with red lettering in his case - are very beneficial for small businesses, because they are inexpensive, but effective. He is hopeful that the town may come around and change its stance.

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