Fredericton Police to Reward Drivers with Free Pizza Coupons

Over the next three months, the Fredericton City Police will be rewarding drivers who park their cars when starting their phone conversations as a way of thanking them for embracing the province's new distracted drivers law.

Rewards include a coupon for a free Pizza Hut pizza as well as a chance to win one of three Bluetooth devices provided by AML Communication Rogers.

Since June 6th, Fredericton officers have been enforcing the New Brunswick distracted drivers law that bans the use of cellphones and other devices while driving. The force has handed out some tickets, but for the most part, drivers are obeying the law.

"Some of the comments from the officers surrounding this issue were very, very positive on what they're seeing out there. We're very pleased and very encouraged by how quickly the public were implementing the changes. We're just trying to take the opportunity to show appreciation and create some positive reinforcement," Mooney said.

Drivers who are obeying the law are making the city's roadways safer, he said. "As a result, the Fredericton Police Force, along with AML Communications Rogers Store in the Regent Mall and Pizza Hut locations on Main Street and Smythe Street, would like to thank those who are developing safe habits around driving and the use of hand-held electronic devices."

The province's new law forbids making or taking telephone calls while driving. Police, fire and ambulance personnel are exempted from the telephone call ban. Other components of the legislation bans texting, programming a GPS or MP3 player, and having a display screen not built into the vehicle in view. Drivers who violate the legislation face a fine plus a three point deduction from their license.

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