Edmonton's police chief pitched knife law to cut crime

"We know that a number of the homicides we have right now and other acts of violence are perpetrated by edged weapons," said Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht. "We're exploring right now what other communities are doing with respect to edged weapons both in Canada and abroad."

Knecht stopped short of calling for a knife ban, and would not elaborate on what such legislation could look like.

These comments came out following a closed-door meeting between Edmonton's Mayor Stephen Mandel and Police Chief Rod Knecht to discuss the city's climbing homicide rate.

In 2009, Mayor Mandel suggested the city ban the sale of dangerous knives, but later admitted that wasn't feasible. He said it will be up to the chief to make the next move.

"A fair number of issues in our community are a result of edged weapons," Mandel said.

"I'm not sure how we solve that problem, but I think we have to be proactive."

Edmonton has recorded 28 homicides so far this year, compared to the city's 27 in the whole of 2010.