Casey Anthoney aquitted, to be free in 6 days

Casey Anthoney and her lawyer

Casey Anthoney, after being acquitted for her toddler daughter's death, was sentenced Thursday to four one-year terms for lying to the police. Due to time already served, the 25 year old is to be released in less than a week.

She has 30 days to file any notice of appeal.

The hearing followed the 25-year-old's acquittal Tuesday on the three most serious charges against her — the first-degree murder of daughter Caylee Anthony, aggravated child abuse and manslaugher.

Defender Holly Hughes asked that Anthoney be only sentenced on one count of lies, since they were told during a single interview with the officer. The prosecutor for the State of Florida responded that each lie should be taken into account separately, because each was intended to mislead law enforcement.

On Wednesday, jail staff met to prepare for her possible release. "Due to the high-profile nature of this case and intense, emotional interest by the public, appropriate measures will be taken to release the individual into the community in such a manner so as to preserve the safety of the individual and the public," a release said.