Canadian Parliamentary Coalition final report on anti-semitism released

The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism released its final report Thursday after two years of investigation that included public hearings with more than 70 witnesses.

The report adopted the European Union's definition of anti-Semitism and urges the federal government and law enforcement agencies to do the same. The EU defines anti-Semitism as a certain perception of Jews that can be expressed as hatred. Anti-Semitic acts can be directed at individuals, their property, or the Jewish community and religious facilities.

The report also noted that there are "traditional anti-Semitic acts" such as firebombings and vandalism of Jewish facilities in addition to a "new anti-Semitism" focused more on Israel's role in the Middle East.

"In the most vile and clear expressions of the new anti-Semitism, the notion of Israel as a criminal state is used to further traditional anti-Semitic themes. These manifestations use the discourse of politics but, in fact, constitute masked hatred," the report states.