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Mesa Power Group to File NAFTA Complaint for Ontario's Green Energy Plan

A Texas-based renewable energy company, Mesa Power Group, plans to file a complaint charging that Ontario's green energy plan violates the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Ontario's feed-in tarriff (FIT) scheme pays above-market rates to producers of renewable energy under a 20-year, fixed-price contract. Mesa Power had not been able to win contracts for two wind energy projects in western Ontario in the last round of FIT awards.

City of Vancouver Trademarked Hells Angel Sign

Commercial Drive Businessman Bill Pomeroy started a public controversy over ownership of the iconic East Van cross sign when he started selling pictures of it in his Artrageous framing store. Rocco Dipopolo, a former Hells Angel prospect, claimed to have copyrighted the neon East Van cross, an official trademark of the City.

"I have taken a photograph of a public sign. He has copyrighted the same cross with the text. But I am not duplicating his logo, I am duplicating the sign," Pomeroy said Monday. "It is all quite confusing."

New Brunswick's Tobacco Lawsuit to be Joined by Manitoba and Nova Scotia

Three years since taking big tobacco firms to court for recovery of healthcare costs, the government of New Brunswick is about to welcome both Manitoba and Nova Scotia in its legal battle.

The Manitoba government said it intends to reach an arrangement with the consortium of law firms already hired by the New Brunswick government to handle its own province's litigation. The Nova Scotia government is also seeking a firm to take on its case on a contingency basis.

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