Legal Drinking Age in British Columbia

In British Columbia, including Vancouver and Victoria, the legal drinking age is 19.

Minors are also allowed to drink under the supervision of their parents only in the privacy of their own home. Furthermore, supervision by a non-parent adult is not sufficient.

It is against the law to buy alcohol for those under the legal drinking age. A fine may be imposed on the person under the legal drinking age if caught buying drinks with a fake ID.

Drinking is not allowed in public spaces such as parks, unless by special license during an event. Drinking is also not allowed for passengers of motor vehicles, regardless of age.

Any server may refuse to provide alcohol if he/she suspects that the customer is under the legal drinking age and the customer fails to provide ID, but the server is not required to check the ID of all customers.

For detailed legal information regarding liquor distribution, refer to the Liquor Distribution Act of British Columbia.

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