Dental Health: What Are the Common Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency is a taxing situation and a risk to your dental health. Dental complications intensify when neglected for too long, requiring much more considerable and expensive treatment. Chipped teeth, toothaches, missing teeth, and crown-related pain are all potential emergencies calling for timely dental care.

Prevalent Dental Emergencies

You will know when to go to the emergency room if you accidentally cut your finger while chopping veggies for supper. But what happens if you bite something hard and damage a tooth? Despite this, many people would continue to seek medical attention there. There are many dental emergencies; however, they can be treated at the dentist’s office instead of in the emergency room.

Here are some examples of typical dental dilemmas that should prompt a trip to the dental clinic:

Abscessed Gums or Teeth

When bacteria enter the dental pulp, they kill off the protective tissue surrounding the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels, resulting in an abscess. The infection can produce discomfort, swelling, and a foul odor as it gets to the root. Infected gums might develop a painful abscess that protrudes from the skin. Antibiotics are sometimes efficient in dealing with infections.

Dentists might also recommend a root canal to eliminate the infection and its source. Be sure to see a dentist in Orange Park if you think you have an abscess.

Mouth Sores

Canker sores, braces, or other oral abrasions can bring on mouth sores. It’s tempting to think you can handle it on your own with some antiseptic gel, but in reality, speaking with the dentist about it is preferable. Sores in the mouth are another early warning sign of gum disease, which requires timely diagnosis and treatment.

As a result, it is essential to have the contact number of an emergency dental care clinic handy in case of unanticipated situations.


If you experience bleeding in the mouth, get medical attention immediately. You likely have gingivitis or gum disease when you see blood while flossing your teeth. Although it’s not an immediate risk, getting it checked out is an excellent idea. Nonetheless, if there is blood in your saliva, it may signify severe gum illness or cancer.

It’s unusual to experience mouth bleeding, and persistent bleeding is an issue despite whether or not a tooth has been pulled. Keep your head raised and quickly call the dentist who provides urgent dental care services.

Loose or Knocked Out Teeth

A dental emergency exists when a facial injury results in loosened or lost teeth. A loose tooth must be kept in its socket at all costs to prevent loss. The tooth can be held in place by carefully biting down on it. Nevertheless, if a tooth is knocked out, it can be challenging to locate it.

The crown of the lost tooth needs to be cleaned if it is found. But, in extreme circumstances, a tooth that has been knocked out or has become too loose can not be preserved. A dental implant is an excellent option for tooth loss and may be suggested by the dentist. If you want to learn more about dental implants, it is best to visit their website.

The Takeaway

Unlike shark teeth, human teeth can not be regrown. Sticking to a well-balanced diet and getting lots of water daily is essential. Emergency dental care is best avoided with frequent examinations with the dentist. When a patient has a dental emergency, dentists typically make time to see them promptly. Contacting the dentist and giving them complete details is a must.