Parks Canada Calls for Allowing Shotguns in Northern National Parks

Parks Canada proposed allowing researchers, soldiers, and some aboriginals to carry shotguns in Canada's northernmost national parks, in order to better protect them against violent polar bears. It plans to hold public consultations in communities near its northern parks, such as Auyuittuq National Park in Nunavut. If adopted, the firearm rule would apply to 10 national parks in the Northeast territories.

Federal appeals court rules NFL lockout is legal

The US 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis on April 25, 2011 put the NFL lockout on hold after the players said the work stoppage was causing them "irreparable harm". On Friday, a Federal appeals court ruled to throw out the judge's order, allowing NFL's lockout while the owners and players worked on reaching a new labor deal to start the 2011 season.

Alberta to Enact Driving Distractions Law Starting September 1

By September 1, 2011, it will be illegal for drivers to use cell phones or other hand held devices for calls, texts, and emails, while driving in the province. Electronic devices like video games consols and cameras also won't be allowed.

The announcement was made Wednesday morning in Edmonton and is being called the most comprehensive law of its kind in Canada.

Drivers who fail to comply with the law are to get a $172 fine.

Apple Loses Bid to Stop Amazon from Using the Phrase "App Store"

In March 2011, Apple accused Amazon Inc. of infringing its rights to the phrase "App Store" when it was used to describe an Amazon software store for Android. It asked a US court for an injunction prohibiting Amazon from using this name, claiming it would "confuse and mislead" customers.

Judge Phyllis Hamilton in the US District Court of California ruled that the use of the term "App Store" is unlikely to cause confusion for customers over to which company the store is belonged.

Canadian Parliamentary Coalition final report on anti-semitism released

The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism released its final report Thursday after two years of investigation that included public hearings with more than 70 witnesses.

Montreal Health Agency Website in French Only

Even though bilingual services are guarenteed by law, the revamped website of Montreal's health and social services agency is currently only in French.

The English version is to go live by the end of July – about two months after the site’s inauguration in French.

The website, Portail Santé Montréal, is the virtual door into the myriad health services offered by the agency. The old version was bilingual.

Edmonton's police chief pitched knife law to cut crime

"We know that a number of the homicides we have right now and other acts of violence are perpetrated by edged weapons," said Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht. "We're exploring right now what other communities are doing with respect to edged weapons both in Canada and abroad."

Knecht stopped short of calling for a knife ban, and would not elaborate on what such legislation could look like.

The Law Foundation of British Columbia has announced a new fund of $100,000 per year to support legal research in BC.

The Law Foundation of British Columbia has established a fund of $100,000 per year to support legal research in British Columbia.

The purpose of the Initiative is to support legal research projects that “advance the knowledge of law, social policy, and the administration of justice.”

The Fund is open to:

(a) members of the Law Faculties at the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria, as long as the application is submitted through their Dean,

Conservative Backbench MP to Reform Prostitution Laws Targeting Customers, Not Prostitutes

Joy Smith, a Conservative MP from Winnipeg, is a backbencher whose previous private member's bill gave Canada mandatory minimum sentences for child traffickers. She is on track to do it again. Her new bill, prepared for the fall session, proposes to rewrite Canada's prostituion laws to make criminals the people who pay for sex, and not the prostitutes themselves.

A Liberal backbencher is considering seeking legal advice over allegations he told Minister Tom Koutsantonis to "speak English"

Mr Koutsantonis on Wednesday reacted angrily in Question Time to Riverland MP Tim Whetstone, believing he had told him to "speak English" in a derogatory reference to the minister's Greek heritage.

Mr Whetstone said Mr Koutsantonis had "tried to put words in my mouth" and was a "bully-boy".

"I'm very much disappointed that he would stoop into the gutter as he has," Mr Whetstone said. "I categorically deny I said 'speak English'."


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